How to Start Playing

Welcome to 6Mans, follow this guide to start playing in your very first 6Man match!

If you have any issues feel free to send a message in the #help chat in one of our Discord servers and we will do our best to assist.

Step 1: Join Discord

We have 4 Discord servers for each region, these being Oceania, North America, Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Join the server of the region in which you live by click the link below:

NOTE: 6Mans is region locked so you won't be able to change after you sign up.

Step 2: Rank Check

Once you have joined our Discord server, read the #info text channel for a run down of how the platform works. Once done navigate to the #rank_check text channel and enter this command:

!stats [steam/ps4/xbox] [steam_url/ps4_name/xbox_name]

Once you type this the bot will return your ranks and ask you to confirm it is you. Type Yes to get your rank.

NOTE: You will be banned if you rank check using someone elses account.

Step 3: Queue up!

You have successfully joined Rocket League 6Mans!

To start queuing for your first match, scroll down the text channels on the left until you see your rank's channel.

Once you are in the rank chat, type !q to join the existing queue or start a new one. If you want to leave type !leave.

Step 4: Rules & Commands

Please don't forget to read the Rules and Guidelines before you start playing to ensure you don't break any of the rules.

Team commands:

  • Random ( !r ): Completely random teams
  • Balanced ( !b ): The bot will attempt to balance the teams using leaderboard rankings
  • Captains ( !c ): Captained teams, bot will DM captains and they will have to click the reacts in order to choose players for their team

Once teams are selected a lobby voice channel will be created, once all 6 players have joined team voice channels will be created which you join to play.